Welcome to the Elites/green guardians of CP!

We are glad to welcome you to the Elites army of club penguin! You have chosen to join one of the most legendary armies in club penguin! To join the army you need to click on the button below.


What We Do

Invade, Conquer, Defend

We battle against other armies on club penguin to gain and expand our territories.

Earn coins

Territory and bragging rights aren’t the only things we get from battling. We also earn coins from attending events.

Have Fun

Battles aren’t the only things we do. We also do fun events for everyone to enjoy. we get to interact and get to know the team more. The Elites Army of CP isn’t just an army. It’s a FAMILY.

What other people say

Many say Elites have been brought back and fallen too many times and should stay dead. I think different. Is it so wrong to believe that individuals love an army so much that they could not bear to let it fail and subsequently restart it over and over? You can try, try, and try again, but you will truly fail only when you stop trying.

― Supperz, Former Elites Leader


rise with the elites!

We’re not just an army. We’re a family.